Come and join us for a Sunday Buffet!

Here are our selection of dishes that we offer at the Sunday Buffet.

Salmon sashimi Tuna sashimi Yellow sashimi
Salmon sushi Tuna sushi Sweet eggs sushi
Crab stick sushi Dragon roll Vegetarian roll
California roll Salmon salad roll Tuna goma
Miso soup Edamame beans Soba salad
Seaweed salad Shrimps tempura Sweet potatoes tempura
Fried japanese dumpling Deep fried bean curd Grill egg plant
Deep fried salmon head with Garlic salt Chicken teriyaki Beef teriyaki
Fried Japanese vegetable Fried oyster tempura Vegetable fried rice
Vegetable fried udon Fried oyster tempura Vegetable fried rice

Sunday Buffet Prices

  • Adults £21.99
  • Children £12.99

Menu Minimum base rates

  • Adults £20
  • Children £10


  • Bookings made from 6.p.m will need to limit the table sitting to finish at 7.45p.m. to free the table again for the next 8.p.m. sitting.
  • Families are very welcome, and note the discounted rate for children 2 years upwards of £12.99. Also to ensure adequate seating arrangements are made, please include ALL children when booking including babies below 2 yrs.
  • * during the busy hours of Sunday buffet ,restaurant seating are for paying customers only!